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    H E A L T H Y    A S S U R A N C E            
                         "where you take control of your health" 
 Welcome to the Healthy Assurance website!  Healthy is defined in Websters dictionary as "freedom from dis-ease" and Assurance is defined as "with the utmost certainty".  Our goal and mission statement at Healthy Assurance is to provide the services, products, and information necessary to empower  individuals to take responsibility for their own state of wellness and experience "freedom from dis-ease with the utmost certainty". 

Congratulations as you have landed on one of the most profound web-sites in cyberspace.  It is here that you can finally side-step all of the confusion in the world regarding health and finally get some answers to your questions.
It seems that every other day a "brand new" disease is being defined, which adds yet another to the list of hundreds that we are told we "could get".  The idea of "catching a disease" only reinforces our helplessness as we wander through life hoping to avoid "getting" some mysterious and possibly dreaded ailment. 
What this implies is that we as individuals have no control over the following:
Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Back Pain, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Colds, Constipation, Diabetes, Epstein Bar, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Headaches, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Kidney Stones, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Parasitic Infection, Prostatitis, PMS, Respiratory Infections, Stress, Stroke, Tuberculosis, Urinary Infections, Ulcers, Varicose Veins, Viral Infections, Weight Disorders, Whooping Cough or Yeast Infections.  Yet the list goes on and on...
At the point of my 49th birthday I was thrust into the medical world while trying to make sense of my Mother and Fathers bout with terminal cancers.  Rushing to their side to support and preserve whatever thread of precious life via the alternative treatments at my disposal, I maintained a vigilant hope only to watch in horror as they both faded away in a sea of chemotherapy.  The words "we did the best we could" from those administering treatments for them still echo in my memory as a reminder that life is very fragile indeed.  Losing my parents left me with deep concerns and profound questions regarding the modern medical model of disease management... and provided me with no answers.               
Then the unexpected happened.  As circumstance would have it I was introduced to the spectacular world of Nutritional Wellness.  That pivotal moment inspired me with a new sense of awareness, and... some very real solutions!  

* Please see Nutritional Wellness to continue excerpt:

 Here at Healthy Assurance the main mission is to provide the best service for supporting health and wellness in the spirit of human co-existence.  In "be" wholeheartedly open to the present moment and attend to the care, concern, and consideration of all life... including planet earth.  I am a strong proponent for Alkaline Ionized water, Magnetic Resonance Stimulus Therapy, Redox Air Systems, Vegilarian Nutrition, Supercharged Supplementation, and Rebounding for Health as supportive modalities for assisting individuals to reach their goals and human potential.  That is why I endorce and distribute the products on my web site.  They work!  In closing, I wish to thank you for stopping by and perusing this web site.  Should you have any questions regarding health and wellness please utilize the contact section to email me with your specifics.  I remain humbled by the challenges the Good Lord and His Son have placed before me throughout my life and I am ever thankful for the loving kindness, mercy, and grace so freely given so that I might have life everlasting.   

** Disclaimer: The medical model of today's modern era embraces a theory which implies that disease is "caught" from germs in the environment.  Therefore and within that specific model - only a physician can diagnose disease and prescribe the manner of treatment.  At Healthy Assurance we promote the realm of wellness and avoid any implication to treat or cure disease.  True Biology supports the reality that disease conditions become manifest within an environment of acidity.  It is for that reason alone we choose to embrace the state of alkalinity which is the birthright of every individual.       
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